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The lens is a fundamental part of any pair of glasses and this is why we take great care when selecting them at Woodys Barcelona.

For this reason, we work closely alongside the German company Carl Zeiss Vision, an internationally leading producer of lenses for glasses and instruments in the optical industry.

Both companies share a very simple principle: sunglasses must totally meet the user’s vision needs and be adapted to their face shape and lifestyle.

The lenses we use are considered to bethe best lenses in the world. They feel fantastic and are completely functional. They guarantee excellent vision with colour contrast, which improves vision in terms of bright sunshine and glare protection, as well as in conditions of diffused light.

Thanks to them being lightweight and durable, our lenses are the safest and most comfortable to use: the perfect companions for enjoying any open-air activity, whether it be practising a sport, going on a trip or taking a city stroll.

Advanced Technology

The lenses used at Woodys Barcelona are CR-39 lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision. They guarantee the greatest UVA+B protection in all indices and they are finished with an anti-reflective coating.


The CR-39 lenses are manufactured using organic materials and, more specifically, with a low index resin. This makes our lenses morehard-wearing against impact and makes them ideallenses for all sports and outdoor activities.

Adaptable and Lightweight

Our lenses are 50% lighter than glass lenses, making them more comfortable for the wearer. The CR-39 lenses can be adapted, both for full-rim and half rimmed frames (grooved). Additionally, due to their full colour absorption, this means we can offer a great variety of coloured lenses, which will mean you’ll be able to find the best glasses that suit your own personal style.