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The use of different and innovative materials makes Woodys Barcelona a brand unlike any other in the market.

Currently, Woodys Barcelona divides its collection of sun and eyeglasses into three large collections: Original Collection | Unique Collection | Heroes Collection.


This was our initial collection; 100% wooden glasses. We use different types of wood for the base depending on the model:

Recycled Wakeskate Wood

This wood allows us to mix in the personality and durability of the wakeskates with a unique design, offering customers a pair of glasses unlike any other in the world.

Birch Wood

This is a hard, durable and lightweight wood. It has a fine texture, with hardly any pattern, and is easy to manipulate.

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo is sustainable, lightweight, durable and has a great appearance, thus giving customers the opportunity to wear a modern look while helping the environment at the same time.


With this wood we can give our models an exotic appearance while still being natural and sustainable.

In this collection, we have now included an acetate finish on these classic models so as to achieve greater adaptability and better fastenings.

In addition, we have developed this product by adding metal rods to the wooden front, turning it into a trendier style.


This collection uses acetate combined with laminated wood. It combines a retro style with more up-to-date trends.

We use acetate from all over the world (Italian Mazzuchelli acetate, French acetate, Japanese acetate) in order to create more unique and original colours, allowing us to offer products that set us apart from our competitors.

What’s more, we also use biodegradable acetates for some styles, thanks to our passion for looking after the environment.

When it comes to laminated wood, we use the Italian brand of wood called ‘Tabú’ which is the leading company in its category worldwide. This wood means we can obtain a really light, hard-wearing product.


This is the trendiest and most daring collection, in terms of the shapes and models that form the collection at Woodys Barcelona.

This collection is retro and futuristic, using the most daring, unique and wild shapes, retro touches, and materials and colours that add the desired futuristic touches. It uses an innovative design, created using the highest quality materials at an unbeatable price.

In addition, we’ve designed a range using stainless steel frames and beta-titanium rods that make this style the lightest and most comfortable pair of glasses available worldwide.