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Hi, my name is Woodys and my story began in 1814 in the garden of an old farmhouse located in a small village near Barcelona. There I grew up under the care of a legendary family called Masferrer, surrounded by my siblings and relatives, and strong tree trunks that broke through the light with their tall branches and infinite grandeur. My life wasn’t easy, boredom and routine were a part of my existence. Some summers were hot and dry and the winters were extremely cold, but there I was, always standing tall. I witnesseda lot of progress: the railroad, electricity, the telephone, cars and many other discoveries that changed the course of history. The years passed slowly until one day, suddenly, without realizing it, my life had changed.
On a cloudy day there was a dark storm approaching over the horizon. Suddenly, I was struck by lightning, piercing through me all the way to my roots. I collapsed. The thunder was frightening… the rain began to fall gently… I thought that my life was over forever… but that wasn’t the case. Now I see the world from different eyes. In fact, I’ve been travelling non-stop all around the world, from the busy streets of New York to the breathtaking mountains in New Zealand, all the way to the warm beaches of Brazil. I feel different, original and elegant, people admire my design.