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It all started with the favorite hobby of Woodys Barcelona’s current director, Josep Dosta: wakeskate. A water sport where the person uses a wooden board to surf the waves produced by a boat. Josep and his cousin dedicated a lot of time to this sport that they were so passionate about, to the point where they started redesigning and perfecting their own wakeskate boards.

This was Josep’s first contact with wood, and together with his tough workouts and the passion he felt for this sport, he managed to make significant technical improvements to the boards, ultimately being named the European Wakeskate Champion in 2013 and 2014. During one of his training sessions Josep dropped his glasses into the vast swamp, something that happened often in wakeskate, and concerned about finding a solution, he came up with the idea of trying to use the wakeskate board’s material in a pair of glasses.

He started to gather information on everything related to the production of glasses and the materials used for their manufacturing. This gave him the wings to keep looking for the right method to design the ideal pair of glasses. The hangar was the center that inspired Josep throughout the entire process and ideation of the new product.

The objective wasn’t easy and a number of difficulties emerged. The first designs had a perfect finish and an incredible look; however, they didn’t offer the ideal durability for a pair of glasses that shared the same characteristics as the wakeskate board.

The solution came after numerous trials with different professionals and several prototypes during a training session; Josep observed that the boards were made of sheets, which gave them an almost indestructible level of resistance. From this observation the glasses began to take shape. That was a really special summer, since the glasses sparked interest and received praise from all of his acquaintances and friends, who began to place orders once they saw that it was an original and novel project. The glasses were also used in fashion photography sessions. Without even realizing it, Woodys Barcelona was born. What started as a dream, had come true.