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In the year 2013, in a lovely, remote place, the one-of-a-kind Woodys Hotel was built. A unique hotel that aimed to lodge anyone who wanted to break the rules, to find a place where they felt at home, to be themselves without being judged. So, bit by bit, Woodys Hotel became more well-known.

Woodys Hotel was the place selected to introduce the new Woodys Barcelona collection. A collection that came in with a stronger step than ever, because besides the women's line, they were also introducing the long-awaited Unique Men by Woodys. Of all the glasses, one pair was selected to be the star of the presentation. It was carefully placed on a beautiful base that protected it perfectly. The time had come. The lobby was filled with the select hotel guests waiting to see the collection, so Otis, the affable  bell boy, went to the great room to fetch the glasses to kick off the presentation...

Glass on the floor, a hold in the middle of the base, and the glasses are gone without a trace. This was the mess he found. He couldn't believe his eyes. A general alert was soon called. Once all the hotel staff had been informed, the exits were sealed, the guests all in a flux. Fast action had to be taken. Each minute could be an opportunity for the culprit to cover their tracks, so the instructions were clear: get the best, the emblematic Detective Tatson .

Detective Tatson's arrival caused quite a stir, as no one expected to be interrogated. Reactions were varied: surprise, indignation, nerves, indifference...but nothing else mattered at this point, only solving the case, getting the prized glasses back, and moving forward with the presentation. There had never been such a varied assortment of guests at the hotel, so there was no one main suspect. Only time would tell if those who seemed to have a perfect alibi were telling the truth. Who is the guilty one?