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How to prevent our eyesight health from the damage of the screens

During these days of confinement, many hours are spent in front of the computer. Exercising our sight regularly or making 10-minute stops every 2 hours are some of the tricks that can help us maintain eye health.

In these days when we all have to stay at home, you are surely investing more hours than usual in front of computer screens, tablets and mobile phones. Avoiding eye strain can be key these days to prevent the appearance of future eye diseases. How can we do it? Take note of the advice we offer below:

Rest your eyes

It is one of the first golden rules of visual health. Try to take breaks every two hours as much as possible. With ten minutes you have enough. We recommend getting up to avoid looking at the mobile phone or other screens and looking in front of or talking to a partner. What is intended is that you do the exercise of looking at short, medium and long distances. Specifically, we propose the exercise called 20-20-20: look far (20 meters) for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes.

Hydrate the eye and blink

It is important that you blink regularly and continuously to avoid tear irritation. Think that staring at the screen only causes you to resect the eye and make it more tired, which translates into a greater difficulty of vision, among other things. To hydrate the eye you can also help yourself with a dry eye drop (always with the advice of your trusted optician or ophthalmologist).

Keep the safe distance

Avoid getting too close to the screen on your computer, your tablet or mobile. It is recommended that you keep a minimum distance with the screen of between 40 and 60 centimeters. The posture to maintain the distance is also very important since if you bend, you will reduce the distance without realizing it.

Diet is important

In these days when we are more tempted to go to the fridge, we remind you of the importance of maintaining a balanced diet rich in minerals, vitamins, omega-3s and zinc, ideal for preventing the appearance of glaucoma, dry eye, cataracts or conditions in the retina. Also, don't forget to eat 4 or 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day for their great contribution of vitamins and nutrients.

Remember, try not to abuse the hours that we spend in front of a screen and do the exercises that we have proposed. Everything will be fine!

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