Jhay Cortez wears Woodys

The SPICE model is one of the most rogue, strength, different and cane of our Woodys Hotel collection; factors that have caught the singer and composer of reggaeton and trap, Jhay Cortez.

The Puerto Rican, with great worldwide fame, has fallen in love with the model 03 of our SPICE sunglasses, which have already go with him in several of his performances of his tour of Europe. London, Spain or Tenerife are some of its stops where we have seen you wearing our sunglasses.

Jhay Cortez is one of the most popular artists of the current music panorama. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, he has collaborated with other famous singers such as Ozuna, Yandel, J Balvin or Bad Bunny. Considered one of the artists of the year, every week his name appears among the most listened to musical trends. And it is that Jhay does not stop throwing songs with a lot of potential, as is the case of the remix “He doesn't know me”, a topic he shares with Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

Spice, the model with more flow of Woodys

Our SPICE glasses do not need public appearances, it speaks for itself. And it has a sweeping force. Rogue, spicy, unique, transgressive… It is the perfect model for people with a lot of flow, want to looking for something different from what is in the market. Small in size, it has a metal frame with the lens in the air. Its metal temples incorporate an acetate terminal with a lot of glitter. Find out now!

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