New Year, new models

We start the new year with many novelties. This 2020 the Woodys Hotel continues it’s frantic activity that characterizes it so much and present us 17 new models and 3 enigmatic characters that you will surely love.

The most transgressive and tricky spirit of the eighties invades Woodys. The different and unique volumes and geometric shapes combined with acetate, metal and beta-titanium are the leads of this new collection. Design, comfort, class and personality. These are the hallmarks of the new models that we present below:

Metal is the new black

Woodys continues to focus on enhancing its metal collection. We go one step further and reflect our DNA in the designs, full fo modern combinations of colors and ergonomic shapes. Woodys is synonymous of quality. We continue to work with IP (Ion Plating) technology. You will find this type of models in both sun and sight. In the first case, we find the modern ADRIÀ. Super light and comfortable, you won't even notice that you are wearing them. They will be the ideal sunglasses for the most urban men. In optical, we highlight the BAMBOO, ORCHID and POPPY models. In round shapes, they are ideal for stylish women who seek comfort without giving up their style and want to give a touch of color to their styles.

Our acetate models

No, we have not forgotten acetate in this collection. We highlight the references with volumetric milled acetate that bring modernity and daring to the most demanding women of the 21st century stand out. The complements are the OBE Spike hinges, which provide greater resistance and ergonomics. We highlight our LUCKY; magnificient and oversized, it is the best option for men who set trends. We also have models for those women who love acetate and XL glasses, our PUMPKIN. A spectacle for women of the most special that, surely, will not leave you indifferent.

We love make combinations!

Sophistication, style and a lot of glamour. Such are the models that combine metals of great lightness and ergonomics with fun and modern acetate details. Small touches of color, mark of the house of Woodys. In our constant search to find designs that combine quality, beauty and comfort, our glasses adapt to the facial appearance of the client, preventing them from deforming over time. When you see our LIDY you will fall in love. Its shapes, its color scheme, its lenses... In conclusion: its style will drive you crazy. In view we find the BENGAL and PEACOOCK models, among others, that majestically combine the metal with acetate details that give it that chic and colored touch that you like so much.

The 80’s still inspire us

The most transgressor spirit of the eighties invades Woodys. The different volumes and geometric shapes combined with acetate and metal are the main characters of the 5 new additions to the sun family. We highlight the great quality of the lenses, once again, produced in the prestigious multinational Carl Zeiss Vision. Category 3, they have extra protection against UV rays and some models include an anti-reflective and polarized treatment for customer comfort.

Are you a Unique Men?

We consolidate our line for the man of today with 5 new models. In a casual style, we wanted to continue with beta-titanium (an ultra-resistant, moldable and lightweight material) due to the great acceptance it has had. It is ideal for both the city and the mountains and if not, do not miss our JP model, with super flexible rods of beta titanium that adapt to your shapes.

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