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The sunglasses trends for this winter

Sunglasses have become the fashion accessory for both men and women. In contrast to what you might think, they are not only for summer; autumn and winter are perfect seasons to show off fashionable glasses. They offer you myriad of combinations and you can wear it in an elegant and sophisticated way. Dare to play with different shapes, mounts and crystals and squander wasting wherever you go.s. 

Sunglasses have been postulated as the fashion accessory of the moment! And they are the finishing touch to get your best styles. If you are a fashion victim, take note of the sunglasses for women and men that will look the most this winter at the optics:

Vintage inspiration sunglasses

Everything that seems nostalgic returns. The 70s, 80s and 90s are very present this new season in the fashion sector and, obviously, in the optical sector. We have a good test with the aviator-shaped glasses that Tom Cruise popularized in Top Gun. Models with this shape and the double bridge are super trendy. In Woodys you will find 3 models with which you will feel like the young pilot Maverick Mitchell.

JEAN are the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated sunglasses for men. Suitable for dandys who likes to attract the attention wherever he goes. With a lightweight stainless steel front, its temples combine titanium with Tabu wood incrustations. Nose pads are silicone for maximum comfort.

CRAZY JOE is the most rogue model of our new Woodys Hotel collection. Light and elegant, it combines metal with acetate. Its lents are produced by the prestigious Carl Zeiss Vision label.

And finally, our sunglasses for the most modern, cosmopolitan and daring man; CHARLY. It is an oversized model that combines Italian acetate with a matt finish, its frame is made of metal. The temples are made of metal with acetate covers. Really comfortable!

Minimal sunglasses

This season, the trends goes from extremes: or XXL size or minimalist. They wear super small sunglasses, monochrome and with small lenses. Always up to date on trends, we have included two small sunglasses models in our new collection: the NEO model, with round and discreet shapes made with stainless steel and titanium temples. They are so light that you won't even notice them. Perfect to take them everywhere. We cannot forget SPICE, the model for the hottest girls. It is a metal frame and temples and with the lens in the air. Available in 4 colors for you to choose your favorite.

Oversized glasses

On the other hand, we find the XXL glasses. The maxi-glasses in all their combinations (both acetate or combined; whether square, round or rectangular; or with degraded or monochromatic crystals of warm shades) are the great trend of this year. 

If we focus on the models of women sunglasses, we’ll find our dear diva BERTA. In Italian style, its frame is made of Italian acetate and its German OBE hinges. Combine them with a total black look and you will be amazing.

Don't get jealous, there is for you too! As for men's sunglasses, we find the feared CAPONE, the king of the city. With an Italian acetate frame, it will give you the most elegant and rude air. Ideal for you.

Triangular shapes

The cat eye has been, is and will be one of the main sunglasses icons. The triangular glasses are one of the great trends for the cold months and we have evidences of that with the JULIA and DIM models. Ideal to fill your days with glamor, color and life.

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