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Tell me what is the shape of your face and I will tell you which frame suits you better

Are you thinking of renewing your glasses? Small, cat eye, square, metal... We understand, it is really difficult to decide between so much offer. But if you want to get it right, you will have to have a look to the shapes of your face.

Small, round, oversized, vintage-inspired, square-shaped... Currently, there is so much supply of frames that makes it difficult to decide for one. But don't worry, we know the secret to hit the spot: the shape of your features. So, before going to the optician, look at yourself in front of the mirror and set at the shape of your complexion. You should pay attention to two principles:

. Proportion and balance: the size of the glasses should always be consistent with that of your face to hide possible imperfections and enhance those features that you want to get the most out of.

. Contrast: don't be bored, try to find a frame that contrasts slightly with your features to give them the prominence they deserve.

Rounded face glasses

In this type of faces, it is always better to bet on straight lines and avoid round shapes at all costs. This way you will be able to define them, narrow them and lengthen them. The rest, in this case, is to look for a ratio between width and length. Therefore, if the face is rather small, choose a rectangular frame, while if it is elongated, it will always be better to opt for a square frame.

Glasses for oval face

They are the winners. Any type of frames suits them. If you want to maintain the proportions, we do recommend that, in the case of small faces, do not opt ​​for an oversized shape. There is one factor you should pay attention to: the color of the frame (which will depend on the color of the skin and eyes).

Square face glasses

The goal will be to soften and round the factions, so they must bet on rounded or oval frames. In this respect, we recommend narrow frames and straight shapes. They will favor you a lot!

Heart-shaped face glasses

Este tipo de rostros se caracterizan por tener la parte de los ojos y la frente más estrecha que la de la boca y la barbilla. Por ello, te aconsejamos optar por monturas más bien redondas y ascendentes, de estilo cat-eye, para alargar el rostro. Evita aquellos modelos con elementos decorativos en la varilla, ya que solo enfatizarán el ancho del rostro. 

Triangular face glasses

In this case, they should opt for rounded shapes, perfect to move attention away from the chin and emphasize that of the eye area. Shapes whose lower part has an inward angle will be ideal, accentuating the upper half of the face. Of course, better stay away from narrow shapes.

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