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Laia, the new guest of the Woodys Hotel

New year, new characters. The most peculiar Hotel of the Michelin Guide has received three new guests that we will introduce you little by little. What we already advance you is that… in this hotel nobody seems to be who it pretend.

Laia is the name of our new guest. A good-natured girl, refined, attractive and super sensitive (or not…). A few years ago she married the boy who had been her boyfriend since high school, a tennis player with a lot of projection (and who never be successful). Behind this sweet facade, lies an ambitious and seductive woman, who gets everything she wants. From a very young age, she dreamed of getting married and starting a family with a "good" man, and she did so. However, over time he has discovered that he may not like his life plan as much as he expected. She is lost, feels that she has wasted her life and is looking for different and new emotions that make her feel alive and fulfilled. I don't know what this hotel have but since she arrived, she feels full of energy.

Does it may have to be with our beloved bell-boy? It is rumored that they have been seen in the halls of the hotel with a very affectionate attitude. Seductive, manipulative and very ambitious, no one will prevent you from getting what you set out and our innocent Otis is her new goal.

What glasses does Laia wear?

Laia is the influencer of the hotel. The queen of glamor and sensuality is addicted to accessories and cannot leave her room without her Woodys glasses. In optical, she has chosen our HARE model, a metal frame with Italian acetate front in round shapes. The rods are also metallic with an acetate terminal and, as always, they are equipped with super-durable and durable OBE German hinges.

On sunglasses, he likes to innovate a little more and has opted for LAIA, a geometric shapes frame, like HARE, that combines metal with an Italian acetate front, a super fashionable combination at the moment. She wears them in nude pink, but you have 4 more colors to choose the one that goes with you.

Do you want to be a Unique girl? Discover the glasses that Laia and the other hotel guests wear here.

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