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LIDY, the bride who arrives at the Woodys hotel

The sweet Lidy has had an unexpected party ending. But, although everyone expects the situation to collapse, she finds ways to turn the matter around. What will he be up to?

A new guest arrives at the most mysterious hotel of the moment. LIDY is the innocent and sweet girl who was left at the altar. Lost and not knowing where to go, she has decided to go for a few days at the Woodys Hotel to disconnect and take time to think about her life. Everyone belives that she would be locked up in her room crying inconsolably over her breakup but... the truth is a bit different. Lidy has proposed to stop crying and start living life as she wants, not as her surroundings expect her to do. She is making an effort to use of time and has regained his spirits in record time.

What will be the secret of her success? Is she the one who stole the glasses to feel alive again? We will solve the mystery soon...

What glasses does Lidy wear?

Lidy hides her teary eyes with the oversized LIDY model. This is a pair of sunglasses for women that combine metal with an Italian acetate front superimposed on the most stylish, Italian style. The lenses bear the seal of the prestigious Carl Zeiss Vision.

Lidy had a love at first sight with the MINK view model. A fresh and youthful mount that, as in the previous case, combines the metal with details of Italian acetate worked in block to achieve maximum symmetry. As for hinges, it incorporates the proven OBE hinges with more than 50,000 movements to ensure maximum strength and adaptability.

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