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The enigmatic JOE arrives at the Woodys Hotel

No one knows much about the enigmatic Joe. This mysterious and disturbing hotel guest does not seem to be trusted. His particular style and tattoos make him a frighten guest. Will he be guilty of the robbery?

Silent and mysterious, nobody knows much about Joe. No trade or benefit is known to him, he can only be seen at night in the bar, sipping a whiskey with a very serious face. Tormented, nobody knows about his story but surely life has not made it easy for him. Will he be a gangster, or even worse, a member of La Cosa Nostra mafia? We will continue to investigate whether he is behind the theft of Woodys Barcelona's valuable lost glasses.

What glasses does Joe wear?

Joe is stylish and sophisticated so he cannot carry any frame. In view, COSTELLO is the only one that lives up to it. Made of Italian acetate produced by Mazzucchelli, it is synonymous of modernity, solidity and maturity. Take care of every last detail, you will find our DNA on them: surf. And it is that we have incorporated our beloved waves in the form of a print along the entire temple to make a nod to our origins. To finish, we have complemented our most extreme men's glasses with German OBE 5-axis hinges whose resistance it is proven in more than 50,000 movements.

In sun, it has wanted to make a change of register and has opted for the CRAZY JOE, a round shape frame with a double bridge that combines metal and acetate to give it a fresher and more youthful touch. The lenses are produced by the prestigious Carl Zeiss Vision firm with high UV protection, anti scratch and anti reflective.

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