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Download our Safety and Hygiene Guide

For us, you are our priority. We care about your health, that of your colleagues in the optics and, of course, that of your clients, for this reason, we have prepared 3 guides with the best recommendations so that the Covid-19 does not enter it. Download them!

Protection for you and your clients. This is our objective. We like to take care of you, therefore, we have developed 3 protocols that collect the best practices so that no one is in danger. This is a series of recommendations and advice adapted by Woodys for your optical center, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Download our Safety and Hygiene Guide for Opticians

You just have to click on the button and you can download 3 guides to hang on your optics so that workers and customers can consult the new safety regulations:

. Guidelines for optics hygiene: what can I do and what can't I do and during the new normal in my optics? We give you the best recommendations so that your clients feel safe in your center.

. Safety rules for staff: how and when do we have to wash our hands? Are gloves necessary? How often do we have to wash our uniform? We answer all these questions.

. Practical guide on how to put on and use gloves and mask: these are two of the materials that we use the most these days. We know that it is difficult to follow the rules well, therefore, we have made an infographic for you so that you can put it in your center.


Attention! This document does not replace in any case the recommendations of the health authorities. For more information on general protection measures against the covid-19 coronavirus, go to official sources.