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Opportunity. Noun; Plural: opportunities

  1. Appropriate or convenient time or circumstance for something.

Woodys Barcelona launches its new campaign for autumn-winter: Chances. A campaign honoring those who have been in the front line during the pandemic, these 13 new models are inspired by the glamour and sophistication of Paris and its people.

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Storytelling has become our trademark, so we always create a background for our campaigns that gives meaning to their characters. This year, we have focused on the most common scenes we have experienced during these months under lockdown. On the one hand there's the foodie who, during the pandemic, discovered her passion for cooking, the 'handyman' who created a small oasis on her terrace, and the surfer, who turned all 4 walls of his room into a Hawaiian beach.

New models, new opportunities

Chances is inspired by the glamour and sophistication of Paris and its people, developing as a result 13 new models, and a total of 57 references for men and women. Vintage and very feminine frames with delicate and rounded shapes that combine colors and geometries in the purest Woodys style.

On this occasion, we are launching models whose suggestive volumes and colors combined with transparencies are their characteristic attribute.

The importance of details

Top quality standards have been applied, while paying special attention to detail. We choose each hinge with care, paying special attention to the shape of the model so as to maintain the aesthetics without neglecting comfort.

Each model is handmade and polished one by one, left in the oven for one week to achieve more resistance and flexibility (a technique widely used in Japan). These are some of the secrets part of the more than 120 steps involved in their manufacture, which contribute to achieving a high-quality product.

We are also launching new wooden temple tips, more Woodys than ever.

Metal, the fashionable material

This new collection includes frames that combine metal with nylon, an innovation rarely seen in rounded and rhomboidal frames with ascending lines. These are minimalist, lightweight and ergonomic models that incorporatenickel free beta-titanium temples.

Combined, Woodys' must-have

We love playing with materials and creating colorful, diverse and, above all, stylish glasses. This collection includes models that combine Italian Mazzuccheli acetate with up to four laminates and match different metals and transparencies to convey modernity and that cool style which so characterizes us.

High-density acetates

Always looking for the best new products in the market, we have incorporated ahigh-density acetate model in this collection. This type of acetate, which is very fine, undergoes a special technique that provides greater resistance and comfort.

A bolder man

We continue supporting our Unique Men, launching 3 new bold and cosmopolitan models. We know men highly value comfort. Therefore, we have achieved the perfect balance between maximum lightness, flexibility, ergonomics, elegance and modernism. Men's models incorporate a new 5-axis hinge with a touch of color, emulating the hinges of the vintage models used in the past. 


Our acetate models include OBE Spike hinges. These are fully integrated into the temple, providing great resistance and unparalleled ergonomics.

Would you like to see the new models in the collection? Send us an email to info@woodysbarcelona.com and we will contact you to schedule a visit.