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Metal is one of the great protagonists of our new collection: CHANCES. More and more of you are asking us for models of this material and we have listened to your requests. For this season we present three women's models and one men's model that are added to our current offer of metal spectacles. They are minimalist, light and ergonomic frames that incorporate beta-titanium nickel free rods for greater comfort and convenience.

This year we introduce frames that combine metal with nylon, an innovation rarely seen in the rounded frames with rising lines. We present them to you:


It is a metal frame for women with ascending shapes. It is not a unitary front frame, but it has a detail "in the air" in the lower area that gives it a different and more modern touch. As it has a butterfly tendency, this frame greatly favors diamond, oval, round and elongated faces. It is available in 4 colors.


These women's frames are the rounded version of the Dragonfly. It is a youthful and very fresh frame with a nylon detail on the front. We have managed to incorporate super flexible beta titanium rods to increase their strength and ergonomics. You won't even realize you're wearing them! Its rounded shapes favor diamond, oval and square faces. Available in 4 colors.


Elegance. Its butterfly shape makes it a unique frame. As in the rest of the cases, we have incorporated an “airless” touch in the frame of the glasses. Always thinking of the end user, we have reinforced the rods with German OBE hinges that give them greater resistance. The rising shape of these frames is very flattering for long, oval and square faces. As in the rest of the cases, it is available in 4 different colors.


It is the frames designed for a modern man, with class and who wants to set fashions. It is a metal frame with Italian acetate platelets. With aviator style and double bridge, it is perfect for large faces of diamond, oval, round or elongated shapes. It is available in 4 different and unique colors.

Apart from these novelties, you can also find our classic metal models that you would like so much: FOX, DINGO, KAFFIR, PANTHER or FENNEC.

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