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Combination frames are one of Woodys Barcelona's strong points. The original way they combine materials, shapes, and colors to create designer glasses with personality has given them European-wide acclaim and has made them a benchmark in the field.

In their new Chances collection, Woodys proves once again they are the kings of combination glasses. They offer 5 models that play with Mazzuchelli Italian acetate with up to 4 laminates and elegant metallic finishing touches and transparencies that provide the modernity, freshness and sophistication that give them such a characteristic look.

Proof of this is their Jellyfish model, a metal and Italian acetate frame with a triple front laminate in dusty colors. Inspired by vintage Parisian glamour, it's a very feminine, delicate model with uplifting shapes that has proved to be a hit yet again.

This range features the Zebra model. It is anoversized frame that is breaking records thanks to its elegant, sinuous shapes and trendy color combination. These glasses combine a metal frame front with double-laminated Italian acetate. Comfort and ergonomics are two of Woodys' top priorities, which is why they have included adjustable nose pads and German OBE Spike hinges integrated into the temples so that their clients can wear them for hours in maximum comfort.

The brand continues its strong commitment to its men's collection, launching new, bold, and cosmopolitan models, such as the Zizek frame. We know that men greatly appreciate comfort. Therefore, with these glasses they have achieved the perfect balance between modernity, elegance, lightness, and ergonomics. The brand has incorporated a new 5-axis hinge adding a touch of color, emulating vintage model hinges from yesteryear.

Woodys Barcelona has been revolutionizing the eyewear industry for more than 7 years through the creation of colorful, cool, and stylish glasses. What started out as a dream has now become a solid brand, present in over 52 countries, with 5,000 clients and more than 300 references. Find out more about the brand at their website: woodysbarcelona.com