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Woodys introduces its anti-fog chamois

Woodys releases its anti-fog chamois. A dry microfiber wipe with anti-static technology that effectively prevents glasses from fogging up when using a face mask, and without using any additional liquids. Suitable for any type of lens, it lasts up to 48 hours and about 600 uses, provided it is used properly.

Bye, Bye fog with Woodys

The anti-fog cleaning cloths is made of a dry fabric treated specifically to prevent glasses from fogging up. In addition, it uses anti-static technology to prevent the creation or build-up of static electricity on the lenses, thus also protecting them from dust. With a soft touch and a smooth surface, it does not scratch lenses, leave lint, or create a rainbow effect. To make it more comfortable to use and to solve one of the main problems nowadays derived from the use of face masks, it is not necessary to apply additional liquids to achieve effectiveness. The material of the anti-fog wipes has been manufactured with the latest technology, following the most innovative manufacturing processes and complying with all quality standards to check their effect.

The anti-fog chamois created by Woodys is not simply useful to preventing sunglasses and eyewear from fogging up. It is also suitable for diving goggles, helmet visors, ski goggles and binoculars, among others.

To use it, just follow 3 simple steps and store the chamois to avoid damage and maintain its anti-fog effect.

How to get the pack of anti-fog wipes?

You can now buy your anti-fog cleaning cloths packs through our EXTRANET. Remember! In a pack there are 10 cleaning cloths with individual boxes so that you can offer them to your customers. The price of the entire pack is € 19.95 and you can buy them HERE. And now, if you buy 10 packs of 10 individual cleaning-cloths we will give you 2 extra packs!

With Woodys microfiber dry cloths you can finally enjoy your glasses without them fogging up.