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Design your own Woodys glasses
Would you like to customize your own Woodys glasses? At Woodys we have created the templates of our most iconic models so you can download them, color them in as a family, cut them out and put them on.
We will beat this virus together
It is our turn to live hard moments and, above all, very new for everyone. From Woodys we want to send you our support. We firmly believe that if we stick together we will defeat the virus and come out even stronger.
How to prevent our eyesight health from the damage of the screens
During these days of confinement, many hours are spent in front of the computer. Exercising our sight regularly or making 10-minute stops every 2 hours are some of the tricks that can help us maintain eye health.
NEO, the main character of the third season of Élite
The trendiest series of the moment, Elite, once again relies on Woodys Barcelona glasses. And is that one of the protagonists of the series, Valerio, wears our coolest sunglasses, NEO, in the sixth chapter of the third season.
The enigmatic JOE arrives at the Woodys Hotel
Meet the silent and enigmatic Joe. This hotel guest does not seem to be trusted. His particular style and tattoos make him an imposing guest. Will he be guilty of the robbery?
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