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How to prevent our eyesight health from the damage of the screens
During these days of confinement, many hours are spent in front of the computer. Exercising our sight regularly or making 10-minute stops every 2 hours are some of the tricks that can help us maintain eye health.
NEO, the main character of the third season of Élite
The trendiest series of the moment, Elite, once again relies on Woodys Barcelona glasses. And is that one of the protagonists of the series, Valerio, wears our coolest sunglasses, NEO, in the sixth chapter of the third season.
The enigmatic JOE arrives at the Woodys Hotel
Meet the silent and enigmatic Joe. This hotel guest does not seem to be trusted. His particular style and tattoos make him an imposing guest. Will he be guilty of the robbery?
LIDY, the bride who arrives at the Woodys hotel
The sweet Lidy has had an unexpected party ending. But, although everyone expects the situation to collapse, she finds ways to turn the matter around. What will he be up to?
See you in MIDO

See you in MIDO

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The guests of our hotel land at the international fair in Milan to present the new sunglasses and optical frames that we presented this January. Are you going to miss it?
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