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The sunglasses trends for this winter
The glasses is the fashion accessory. Discover the trends in sunglasses for this winter and fill your look with style
Tell me what is the shape of your face and I will tell you which frame suits you better
Are you searching for the perfect prescription glasses? Discover the type of frame that best suits you according to the shape of your face and features. You will be sure!
Jhay Cortez wears Woodys
Do not miss the reggeaton and trap singer Jhay Cortez wearing our SPICE sunglasses, the model with more flow and character of our Woodys Hotel collection.
New Year, new models
We start the 2020 full of novelties by introducing the 17 new sun and sight references that are incorporated into the The Woodys Hotel collection. Discover them!
Laia, the new guest of the Woodys Hotel
We introduce you one of the three new guests of the Woodys Hotel: Laia. A modest girl with a good crib, sensitive and very attractive. But it is only an appearance. Seductive and ambitious as the most, she gets everything you want.
Otis, the most overnight bell-boy
Meet our bell-boy, Otis. It is a dedicated and young bellboy who goes out of his way to make hotel guests feel at home. Find out who this character really is and what glasses he wears.
LIDY, the bride who arrives at the Woodys hotel
The sweet Lidy has had an unexpected party ending. But, although everyone expects the situation to collapse, she finds ways to turn the matter around. What will he be up to?
The enigmatic JOE arrives at the Woodys Hotel
Meet the silent and enigmatic Joe. This hotel guest does not seem to be trusted. His particular style and tattoos make him an imposing guest. Will he be guilty of the robbery?
NEO, the main character of the third season of Élite
The trendiest series of the moment, Elite, once again relies on Woodys Barcelona glasses. And is that one of the protagonists of the series, Valerio, wears our coolest sunglasses, NEO, in the sixth chapter of the third season.
The Dominican singer, Lennis Rodríguez, and Juan Magán have chosen our BERTA, SPICE and CHARLY sunglasses for the styling of their new video clip called “Cucu"
We launch the new campaign for glasses and sunglasses: Chances. A tribute campaign to those who have been in the front row during the pandemic with 13 new models inspired by the glamor and sophistication of Paris and its people.